My name tells a lot about my origins. I am Italian and I come from a nice little village in the south not far away from the sea. It is famous for an international film festival.

After my master degree in Science of International Policy, I moved first to Rome for a Business Master and then I started my career in Milan.

Back then I did not know much about Digital and Online Marketing. It was a new field for the most of the people and not so dominant as per today, yet. That was the time I got a first insight on Management dynamics, organizations and negotiation skills.

After 3 years I decided that the time was arrived to experience something new. So Denmark arrived on my path. A lot of people asked me why: from the south to north, this is brave! I would confirm it was, temperature wise, but it was the best move for my career as well. I started in Saxo Bank in Copenhagen and after few months I was moved to Milan, to start up Saxo Bank Italia.

My journey was not over, yet. I moved then to Zurich for the reorganization of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) were I have been working for a bit more then 5 years as Head of Sales with Marketing responsibilities.

My job passion

When I started in Saxo Bank, I discovered what the new internet world can offer in terms of business possibilities. My study background is pretty much focused on the international connections and global mindsets. Therefore, I discovered that the online could satisfy my attempt to be part of something global.

This is what the aim of digital is and this is the magic that can offer to anybody. We are not any longer in our boundaries but we can communicate and virtually travel everywhere. If I look to my LinkedIn profile or Facebook, my contacts go beyond nationalities and language boundaries.

We are part of global and digitally focused generation. But digital is not only what I like. I am drilled by building processes and I love to see that what I can create actually works and can produce results. I love traveling, not only virtually but also physically, get to know new realities and meet different kind of cultures. Last but not least my boyfriend, my family and my bike.

My strength

I have been defined a troubleshooter. I like to find solutions to problems. I am not scared of trying. Someone told me that the failure lies in not trying and this has been for long time my preferred motto.

I am target oriented and willing to get my hands into new things. Policy is not my ideal state of mind, I can deal with it, but I prefer actions followed by results to the words.

If personality strength has a positive meaning, then this is one of my top skills. I can admit my mistakes but I will always learn from them. I do not allow things just to happen, I am behind them.